Meet the StarCoach Team

StarCoach is founded by a team of experts in technology and education

Michael Yuen

Founder & CEO

Michael is a tech entrepreneur and filmmaker. He founded an enterprise-class speech application platform with customers such as Bank of America and AT&T. Michael also wrote screenplays and have an upcoming feature film with top Chinese and Hollywood stars. He is a member of the Writers Guild of America. Michael graduated from school of engineering at UCLA. Michael has been in Silicon Valley and Hollywood and he believes combining entertainment and education is the most effective way for students to improve their communication skills.

Dr Dee Bridgewater


Dr Dee has taught public communication at UCLA for 30 years. His innovative class "Learning American Culture & Conversation by Watching Movies and TV shows" have been the most popular summer class for international students at UCLA for the last 10 years. Dee has taught many international students and believe American movies and TV series are the best tools for language and cultural learning.

Tom Kosnik


Tom has taught global marketing and entrepreneurship at Stanford University for over 30 years. Many of Silicon Valley's top performers are his former students. He now teaches entrepreneurship around the world. Tom has taught many international students and believe improving communications between different cultures is the key to global prosperity.